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Save Yo' Brain

Your brain is who you are. It’s what allows you to think, breathe, move, speak, and feel. When drugs enter the teen brain, they interfere with its normal processing and can eventually lead to changes in how well it works. Over time, drug use can lead to addiction, a devastating brain disease where people can’t stop using drugs even when they really want to, and even after it causes terrible consequences to their health and lives.


Keep Your Options Open

Addiction and mental illness can impact your life for years to come. In fact, 90% of people with addiction started using drugs and alcohol before they turned 21--and now they face a lifelong struggle to quit. You can keep your options for the future open by talking to a trusted adult if you're struggling with your mental health, and waiting until your brain is done developing to try drugs. Check out resources below for more info.


Use Your Voice

If you're into keeping your options open and want to help your friends and other teens do the same, consider joining your local CTC coalition. Be a voice for youth and make a difference in the community! As a bonus, working with your local coalition counts as community service volunteer hours, and you can add it as experience in college applications and resumes. Win-win!

Get Help Now

Dial Help is our local crisis center, and you can contact them 24/7/365 for support 

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention



The Jason Foundation


Do It for Daniel


Drugs and Alcohol



NIDA for Teens


Rise Together


Other Issues

Trevor Project


Love is Respect


Homeless & Runaway


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