UP Wide Preventing Suicide

A walk, run, and bike event to promote suicide prevention across the Upper Peninsula


Our 14 Communities That Care (CTC) coalitions serving all 15 counties of the UP are  collaborating to host this ambitious and impactful event to prevent suicide. A semicolon-shaped "torch" will be carried through each county by walkers, runners, and bicyclists, with designated hand-off areas where the torch will be passed to the next county. 

We have three main goals for this event:

  • Increased awareness of suicide risk factors and resources for help
  • Raising funds for future prevention initiatives
  • More people joining their local CTC coalition to continue the work of suicide prevention 

Why is Suicide Prevention Important?

Suicide rates have been steadily rising since 1999:

  • Suicide is now the #2 leading cause of death for people ages 10 to 34 in the US* 
  • In the State of Michigan, five of the top 10 counties for death by suicide are in the UP*
  • 23.5% to 68.5% of local youth report feeling depressed or sad most days**

* Per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  

** Per CTC Youth Surveys taken by 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders in the UP


How You Can Help

Contact your CTC for more information about these ways you can help:

  • Share our event on Facebook
  • Buy an event t-shirt (link coming soon)
  • Sponsor a walker, runner, or biker 
  • Donate to the event (see donate button below)
  • Become an event sponsor (businesses and organizations)
  • Volunteer to help out at one of the torch hand-off sites
  • Volunteer to walk, run, or ride in the event

Feel free to reach out if you have other ideas or suggestions.

Donate to the Event

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