Marijuana and Minors

Learn about the risks when youth use marijuana

Marijuana in 2019

Retail sale of marijuana has been legal in Michigan since late 2018--but legal for adults does not mean safe for teens. 

 Marijuana has changed over time. The marijuana available today is much stronger than previous versions. The THC concentration in marijuana plants has increased three-fold between 1995 and 2014 (4% and 12% respectively). Marijuana available in dispensaries in some states has average concentrations of THC between 17.7% and 23.2%. Concentrated products, commonly known as dabs or waxes, are far more widely available today and may contain between 23.7% and 75.9% THC. 


The Teen Brain & Marijuana

 Why it's important that young people avoid using marijuana:

  1. Adolescence is an important  window of opportunity and sensitivity for the brain, with rapid brain connectivity occurring.
  2. How the brain is used during adolescence, and what it is exposed to, will have life-long effects.
  3. Due to the stage of brain development in adolescence, teens are more susceptible to the addictive effects of substance use.

Long-Term Impact

Studies have found that the earlier a young person begins using marijuana, alcohol, or other drugs, the more likely they will experience addiction as adults.

Marijuana and the Young Brain



Surgeon General: Marijuana & the Developing Brain (pdf)


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