The data below is available for professionals and community members; it can be used in grant proposals or as needed for other projects

Sources for Data

All "Local Youth Data" was taken from CTC Youth Surveys administered in local schools in each county. This survey is evidence-based and used to measure changes in youth behavior over time. Our coalitions provide and pay for the survey. We hold the surveys every two years with 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders, offering a changing snapshot of our community, along with new and persistent risk or protective factors. 


Local Youth Data

2020 Priority Risk Factors in the UP (pdf)


UP-Wide Depression Stats (pdf)


UP-Wide Substance Use Stats (pdf)


Readiness Data

Tri Ethnic Readiness Survey (pdf)


UP Health Department Report


2018 Upper Peninsula Community Health Needs Assessment

 The 2018 Upper Peninsula Community Health Needs Assessment, a project completed in August 2018 by Western U.P. Health Department with support from 31 partners including health departments, hospitals, clinics, behavioral health and substance abuse agencies, and health foundations, provides a wealth of information on the health status and needs of the UP’s 310,000 residents. 

The full report, and 15 two-page handouts with county-level data, are available to view or download HERE.

Beyond the Save/MIREMS

2019 EMS Needs Assessment

This 2019 Opioid Needs Assessment details how the Opioid Epidemic is specifically impacting the 15 counties located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The information in this document is intended to help health organizations, decision makers, and the public increase their understanding of a complex and urgent public health issue. This region of the state is by far the most rural and has been impacted greatly by opioid and other substance use disorders.

You can view the Needs Assessment HERE.


Federal Data


National Survey on Drug Use & Health

SAMHSA released the latest data findings from the 2018 NSDUH. 

NSDUH provides estimates of the use of illegal substances, prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, as well as mental disorders, treatment, and co-occurring substance use and mental disorders in the United States.

Click here for the report.

Surgeon General's Report

 The first report released by the Surgeon General on the health consequences of addiction.

Click here for the report.