Our youth-focused prevention work is truly a community effort

Our History

For about five years, NorthCare Network provided funding and training to establish CTC coalitions county-by-county across the UP. 

In 2016, these coalitions joined to form UP Coalition Network. 

As a group, we identify what kids and teens of the Upper Peninsula are experiencing. We work to lower risk factors and expand protective.

Our Vision

Our mission is to increase membership in CTC prevention coalitions, share information, and distribute messaging.

  As a collaborative network, our coalitions pool resources, ideas, and opportunities to improve the quality of life for our young people.  

We welcome the participation of all community members.


CTC: An Evidence-Based System

CTC empowers communities to use prevention science to help youth make healthier choices. Local leaders, professionals, and parents all work together using the evidence-based CTC system.

We use local data to get a realistic picture of what our young people are dealing with, and put programs and activities in place to address them. A rigorous scientific trial demonstrated that young people from communities using the CTC system were 25% to 37% less likely to have health and behavior problems than those from control communities. 

Prevention Science

Our Coalitions Are Coordinated By